Guide for Industrial Process Mud Pumps

Oct. 23, 2020

As the name implies, slurry pumps are used for slurry transportation in industrial applications. The pump of Shijiazhuang Hedun was manufactured to the highest standards in the industry and the company has a extensive customer base abroad.

Sump Slurry Pump is the industry's favorite because they transfer corrosive and abrasive Slurry with little energy.The pump is available in both single - and double-acting models to ensure high performance and high performance while reducing operating and maintenance costs.Because the pump is made of stainless steel, it is very effective in handling dangerous and corrosive materials.

The working principle 

Slurry pump works on the basis that the slurry enters the pump through the holes in the rotating impeller and causes circular motion.The grout is forced to move outwards under the action of centrifugal force and moves between the blades of the impeller.The slurry reaches high speed when it reaches the edge of the impeller.In the casing, the high speed energy is converted into pressure energy.The pump USES centrifugal force to increase the pressure of liquid and solid particles, and converts electrical energy into kinetic energy to pump slurry.This mechanism makes it easy and maintenance-free to pump dangerous and lightweight slurry.

Advantages of mud pump in industrial application

  • Easy maintenance

  • Low cost of capital

  • Simple mechanism

  • Solid machinery

  • Stainless steel material reduces wear and tear


Application of mud pump

Mud pumps are the most common choice for water supply, pressurization, pumping water to meet domestic demand, auxiliary fire protection systems, hot water circulation, sewage disposal and boiler water regulation, among which the most common application is mud pumps. Some of the major industries that use these pumps are:

  • Petroleum and energy - crude oil, slurry, mud used to pump oil refineries and power plants

  • Waste management wastewater treatment - wastewater treatment plants, municipal industries and drainage

  • Pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries - paint, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, mining, cellulose, sugar, food and beverage production

Type of mud pump

Mud pumps can be divided into several types based on various factors such as design, application and service.

Number of impeller

Type of slurry pump

Case segmentation type

  • Low single stage

  • Two stage

  • Multi-stage

Impeller design type

  • Axial division 

  • Radial division

According to volute type 
  • Single suction   

  • Double suction

Depends on the bearing support position

  • Overhung

  • Between-bearing

Depending on the axis

  • Horizontal 

  • Vertical 

Importance of OEM slurry pump in industrial application

  • Remove suspended solids

  • No corrosion

  • Avoid overheating

  • Remove the grinding medium

Our pump can be used as part of a complete system or as a stand-alone device. Send us an email and our representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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